Celebrate The Week Of The Young Child With This Fun Activity For Friend Friday!

It's Friend Friday in celebration of the Week of the Young Child! Help your young child learn how to be a good friend and share a picture on our Facebook page - also make sure to Like our page for a chance to win a free School Readiness Symposium registration!

Show your child the book "Margaret and Margarita" by Lynn Reiser. Tell him that the book is called Margaret and Margarita.
Ask: “What do you think the book is about?” Tell him that the book is about two friends. Explain that even though Margaret and Margarita are different in the language they speak or the clothes they wear, they like many of the same things: playing, talking, and going to the park.
Read the story to your child in the language you feel most comfortable with. It is ok to read in Spanish. If your child hears a lot of Spanish words at home, it will be easier for her to learn English at school.
Stop often and talk with your child about the story. If the book is too long, don’t feel that you need to read the entire book.
Talk with your child about her friends. Ask, “Who are your friends? What do you like to do with your friends?”
Ask: “How do you treat your friends?” Explain that it is important that we listen to, talk with, share, play with and be nice to our friends. Help your child make friends. Invite a young child to your house or to meet you at the playground for a play-date. When your child plays with family or friends, praise him when he is kind, caring, and listens to his friends.

Celebrate The Week of the Young Child with these Fun Activities for Thrive Thursday!

It's Thrive Thursday in celebration of the Week of the Young Child! Try these healthy activities with your young child and share a picture on our Facebook page!

See that your baby has plenty of active playtime when he can kick, reach for things and push himself up. Support him as he learns to sit up, crawl and pull up to stand. Help him play with rattles, busy gyms, blocks and other infant toys he can grasp, bang and shake.
Roll, throw and kick a ball with your child. Play hide-and-seek, tag or jump rope with your child, which will help your child develop large muscle coordination.
Get moving together as a family: Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner instead of watching TV.
Practice galloping, hopping and jumping together outside, show that being active is fun.
Make feeding times enjoyable for you and your baby. Don’t worry if things get messy as you introduce new foods.
Introduce healthy snacks, such as cut-up fruits and vegetables. 
Make a game out of reading food labels and learning which foods are healthy.

Celebrate The Week Of The Young Child With This Fun Activity For Read Aloud Wednesday!

It's Read Aloud Wednesday in celebration of the Week of the Young Child! Try this activity with your young child and share a picture on our Facebook page!

Hold your child on your lap. Hold the book "Pat the Bunny" by Dorothy Kunhardt in front of your child and read the title to him.
After you have read the title, using simple words, tell your child about the picture on the cover of the book. You might say, "Look, there is a bunny," while pointing to the picture of the bunny on the cover. Help your child to touch the bunny. If your child is old enough, encourage him to say bunny with you.
Read the book to your child, pointing to the pictures and telling your child about them.
Let your child turn the pages of the book, and read at his own pace. If he is turning pages quickly, just talk about the pictures. If he is turning them slowly, read the words and talk about the pictures.

Celebrate the Week of the Young Child with this fun activity for STEM Tuesday!

It's STEM Tuesday in celebration of the Week of the Young Child! Try this activity with your young child and share a picture!

Fill a plastic tub (or the bathtub) with water.
Show your child four objects (like a cork, wood, shell, styrofoam, or whatever you have around the house) - Hand your child each object and talk with her about it, ask: What is this? What is it made of? What do you think will happen if we put it in the water? Do you think it will sink (drop to the bottom of the tub) or float (stay on top of the water) in water?
Test out your child’s guess. Ask your child place it into the water to see if it sinks or floats.
Ask your child: "Why do you think it did that?"
Help your child place the item in the appropriate side of a sink/float chart. (For example, the shell should be placed on the "Sink" side of the sink/float chart.)
Repeat the steps with each object.

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