Let's Feel It!


Purpose: Support your child in exploring her world by using sight, sound and touch.

For this Activity you will need:

  • The book: Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt


  1. Begin by sitting with your infant on your lap. Tell her that you are going to read a book.
  2. Show your child the book, Pat the Bunny. Point to objects and talk about the cover.
  3. Read the book to your child and let her feel each page.
  4. Talk with him about what she is feeling on each page. Be sure to describe the texture. (For example, say, "This is scratchy.")
  5. When you have finished, go on a texture hunt with your child. Find things that you child can touch and feel, like your clothing, the rug, a toy, or a paper towel. Be sure to describe each texture your child touches.
  6. As your child gets older, ask your child to tell you about what she feels.


Next Steps/Follow-Up:
  • Create your own "feely book," by gluing different textured things, such as sandpaper, bubble wrap, and aluminum foil to pieces of paper.
  • Make homemade rattles by filling empty soda bottles with rice, sand or beans. Be sure to glue the tops on.
  • Fill a plastic glove with flour or corn meal and tie it closed at the top. Let your child play with the glove, squeezing and holding it.

Background Information:

Scientific thinking involves:

  • Wondering about things.
  • Asking questions.
  • Making predictions (telling what might happen).
  • Looking, listening, touching, smelling, and tasting to get information.
  • Organizing information and talking about it.
  • Comparing things by talking about how they are alike and different.
  • Using words to explain why something happened.

When your child starts school, she will be more likely to do well if she is able to do these things.


You can help build your child’s scientific thinking skills by doing this activity.

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