Help Support and Don't miss the Early Child Care and Education Expo

 The purpose of the Expo is threefold:

  1. Inform child care consumers about the importance of selecting high-quality child care. Though not limited to this, a thrust is educating audiences on Maryland EXCELS, a project developed and operated by CTE
  2. To equip consumers and child care professionals with better tools, resources and information that enables them to meet the needs of all children at home, in care or in school, particularly those children with diverse learning and development needs
  3. To broaden the impact of the collective work we do through the School of Education by informing families and professionals of the types of best practices, services and solutions we research or create

 The structure of the day will have three main components:

  1. An outside “fun fest” that draws families into the event featuring family-friendly attractions and performances
  2. Engagement Station Kiosks located inside and outside the Columbia campus featuring CTE, partner organizations, vendors and other JHU entities that provide information and news about initiatives for the benefit of children – speaking to a parent or professional audience
  3. Learning Sessions occurring on 20-minute increments (though some might be multiple increments chunked together) that are hosted in various classrooms and labs throughout the SOE Columbia campus and repeat throughout the day

 Learning Sessions will follow two strands:

Kid-friendly – designed to be interactive, modeled sessions that visitors can participate in with their child

Adult-focused - informational, training or participatory events targeted for family members or professionals


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Ready At Five improves the practice and quality of early childhood education in Maryland.


We believe that every child in Maryland should have the foundational skills needed for success in school, career and life.

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