Ready At Five Celebrates 25 Years of Improving the Quality of Early Childhood Education with a Campaign for Kids!

When children enter kindergarten already behind, studies show that there is a high likelihood that they will never catch up.  That means they are less likely to read by third grade, graduate from high school, and go onto college or a successful career. The future is dimmed for her before she walks through the kindergarten door, and it will take substantial - and often costly - interventions to make meaningful progress. But if we invest early, it changes the whole trajectory helping these kids be successful throughout their academic career and beyond. For those looking to see the greatest impact from their charitable donation, we believe investing early just makes economic sense. In fact, Nobel Laureate James Heckman found that there is 13% return on investment for comprehensive, high-quality, birth-to-five early education.
Ready At Five provides high quality professional learning for early educators and promotes effective family engagement to help families develop happy, healthy, and successful children. Every contribution helps.

*       $20 provides a New Parent Gift Pack to one family.

*       $75 provides a set of 10 high-quality books for a needy child care program.

*       $120 provides School Readiness Activity Cards for an entire class.

*       $300 sends two teachers to our School Readiness Symposium.

*       $1,400 supports four Learning Parties for 20 parents and their children.

Help Ready At Five celebrate 25 years of improving the practice and quality of early childhood education in Maryland by contributing to our $25,000 Campaign for Kids!
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Ready At Five improves the practice and quality of early childhood education in Maryland.


We believe that every child in Maryland should have the foundational skills needed for success in school, career and life.

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