It's That Time of Year - Back to School!

As the summer days are dwindling and the first day of school is quickly approaching, it can be hard to get back into a regular schedule.  It used to be that being ready for the first day of school meant getting a new pair of shoes, school supplies and a fresh haircut – but now we know that children benefit from far more to be ready for school.  We urge you to explore our website for some great resources and ParentTips to help your child be school ready.  In the meantime, here are our top five tips for getting ready for the first day of school:

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Help Your Child Build Social Studies Skills by Using Routines!

Routines are things we do every day.  Routines keep children on task because children do well in well-ordered and predictable environments.  Routines, like brushing teeth every night before bed, help children learn to care for themselves, their belongings and the home.  When setting up routines it is important to be consistent, give choices, use simple steps, be realistic, practice, give guidance, remain flexible and celebrate success!  Check out our August ParentTip on Using Routines  for some more great ideas!

Help Your Child talk about the Past, Present, and Future with our July ParentTip!

When your child starts kindergarten, she needs to be able to talk about things that happened in the past, are currently occurring (the present), or that will occur in the future.  To help your child with this concept, give her four to five pictures of herself at different ages.  Ask your child to put them in order.  Have her talk about how she has changed over time.  For more ideas on how you can help your child learn to talk about the past, present, and future, check out our July ParentTip on Looking at the Past, Present, and Future !  

Help Your Child Learn About Time With Our June ParentTip

Time is difficult for young children to understand, but when things are the same each and every day, children develop a general awareness of time.  Through daily living, children slowly learn that certain things, like the start of the school day, the dinner hour, or bedtime, happen at a specific time each day.  While young children cannot "tell time" or read clocks, exposure to these techniques give children the basic skills they need for later learning.  Make a schedule for your child so they know what to expect and when to expect it.  Use "time words" like soon, later, early, before, after, today, tomorrow, etc.  Check out our June ParentTip on  Learning About Time for more ideas on how to help your child understand the concept of time.  Book Suggestion:  About Time:  A First Look At Time by Bruce Koscielniak

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