Help Your Child Be Creative with our July ParentTip!

Your child is already creative. Whenever he sings a song, draws a picture, makes something for you out of clay, or pretends to be someone else for fun, he is being artistic. The arts – dance, drama, music, literature and visual art – helps your child to release his creativity. The arts are an important part of your child’s becoming ready to start school. There are many ways to help your child explore the arts. And you’ll both have fun! Create things. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk. Pretend that a paper tube is a telescope. Make a skyscraper with empty boxes and tape or glue. Ask your child to make a painting especially for you, or a collage (a piece of art using lots of different materials).  See our July ParentTip on Helping Your Child Be Creative  for more ideas! 

Help Your Child Learn to Discover with our June ParentTip!

Every time your child observes something or tries to question or understand what she sees, she is using scientific thinking.  It's not just about facts.  It's about discovering things, knowing how to ask questions and find answers.  Scientific thinking is one of the skills your child will need to in order to be ready for school.  The ordinary things you do with your child every day can help build these abilities.  Give your child a paper bag.  Have a scavenger hunt.  Say, for example, "Let's find something green" or "Let's find something soft."  Learn more about our June ParentTip  Your Child is Learning to Discover!

Help Support and Don't miss the Early Child Care and Education Expo

Our friends at The Center for Technology in Education (CTE) are pleased to invite you to their first Early Child Care and Education Expo on Saturday, June 18, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Johns Hopkins, School of Education (SOE) Columbia Campus.  This event is designed to draw in families, child care providers and educators, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of young children from birth through age 8.  Bring your family and friends to enjoy a great day celebrating and making a difference in the lives of children. Please click here  for the flyer.  Go to…/johns-hopkins-early-child-care…to help support this event!

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Help Your Child To Learn About Numbers and Patterns with our May ParentTip!

Your child has been learning math every day of her life. That’s because math involves things that we all do naturally each day: counting, seeing patterns, and solving problems. Mathematical thinking is one of the skills your child will need in order to be ready to start school. And many of the ordinary things you do with him every day, from infancy through preschool, will help to build these abilities.Sit down with a set of plastic measuring cups and spoons and a tub or pail of water. Let your child fill the cups and spoons with water and play with them as you talk about how they work. Ask questions: Which cup fills the tub the fastest? Why?  Please click here  to see more of our ParentTip on helping your child to learn about numbers and patterns!

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