Help Your Child Be Healthy for School with our August ParentTip

The first day of school is a big step, both for you as a parent and for your child. But getting ready for school begins long before that day. There are many things you, as a parent, can do to make sure your child is academically ready. There are also steps you can take to be sure your child is healthy when he starts school. Healthy children are children ready to succeed.  To register or enroll your child for Kindergarten, your child must have a physical examination by a doctor or a nurse practitioner and all immunizations must be up-to-date and your child may need to be tested for lead poisoning.  Learn more from our August ParentTip on Helping Your Child Get Ready and Be Healthy for School !

Congratulations to Rolf Grafwallner

Ready At Five thanks Rolf Grafwallner for his vision, leadership and commitment to making Maryland the star in the national early childhood universe.  We are honored and privileged that we were included in the early childhood journey to improve outcomes for Maryland’s children, families and the early childhood workforce.  We congratulate Rolf on his retirement from the Maryland State Department of Education and we wish him all the best in his next endeavor!

Help Your Child Be Creative with our July ParentTip!

Your child is already creative. Whenever he sings a song, draws a picture, makes something for you out of clay, or pretends to be someone else for fun, he is being artistic. The arts – dance, drama, music, literature and visual art – helps your child to release his creativity. The arts are an important part of your child’s becoming ready to start school. There are many ways to help your child explore the arts. And you’ll both have fun! Create things. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk. Pretend that a paper tube is a telescope. Make a skyscraper with empty boxes and tape or glue. Ask your child to make a painting especially for you, or a collage (a piece of art using lots of different materials).  See our July ParentTip on Helping Your Child Be Creative  for more ideas! 

Help Your Child Learn to Discover with our June ParentTip!

Every time your child observes something or tries to question or understand what she sees, she is using scientific thinking.  It's not just about facts.  It's about discovering things, knowing how to ask questions and find answers.  Scientific thinking is one of the skills your child will need to in order to be ready for school.  The ordinary things you do with your child every day can help build these abilities.  Give your child a paper bag.  Have a scavenger hunt.  Say, for example, "Let's find something green" or "Let's find something soft."  Learn more about our June ParentTip  Your Child is Learning to Discover!

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