Make sure to check out these resources from our friends at University of Maryland School of Medicine and Words of Encouragement from Dr. Christine Paulsen with the Concord Evaluation Group! Stay Well!


Don't miss these essential resources! 

We wanted to share these great tips and words of encouragement in these difficult times from our colleague
Dr. Christine Paulsen with the Concord Evaluation Group. She has been working from home and homeschooling her own children simultaneously for several years - thank you Dr. Paulsen!

1. You can do this. It will feel uncomfortable at first but you will get into a groove and you will get through this.

2. Kids do NOT need to work for 6 hours a day to learn something. They don't get a full 6 hours of learning in a school day, and you shouldn't feel pressured to spend 6 hours keeping your kids stimulated. In fact, you may find that your own kids need more or less time to learn something.

3. The best way to reinforce learning is to talk, talk, talk. Rather than opting for more worksheets or quizzes or reading, try putting the materials aside and just talking about the content. Some of the most memorable conversations I have had with my kids have been about obscure topics like microbiology or Ancient Rome or the Oxford comma. These chats will help cement the content in your kids' minds. It's the kind of activity that your kids' teachers wish they could do, but never have the time to do.

4. Take advantage of non-work hours. Kids don't always have to be learning while you are working (unless your district requires it). If it's easier for you to homeschool after work, during the day you can give your kids the freedom to read for leisure, play games, or just look at a screen (gasp). It's OK. You need to do what you need to do to achieve balance. It doesn't make you a bad parent if you allow a little more screen time during this emergency.

5. Let your kids sleep in! Take advantage of the fact that your kids can reset their biological clocks and get the rest that they need but cannot get during a normal school year.

6. Take care of yourself. You are taking on much more responsibility now. Don't forget to indulge a little (or a lot) in self-care. You know the whole mask on an airplane analogy. You're no use to anyone if you are burned out.

7. Stop trying to be perfect. There are well-meaning people tweeting schedules and activities. But, this adds to the pressure to be a perfect homeschool parent. Let it go. Don't compare yourself to others. Do what's right for your own kids.

Above all, be safe!


We are grateful to all of Maryland's Early Childhood Professionals  as you continue to care for and enrich the lives of Maryland's Youngest Learners! We see you and we appreciate you!  We'd like to hear from you and all of the parents that are home helping their children learn right now  - how can we help?  What do you need from us?  Please reach out to us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In the meantime, here is a link to some great resources and an at home schedule and make sure to check out our School Readiness Activity Cards and other resources.  Be healthy and well!

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