Help your child express emotions. Help your child understand books and practice storytelling.

For this Activity you will need:

  • Sentimientos by Susan Canizares


  1. Begin reading the book. On each page, point to the picture and ask: “What is the little girl (or boy) feeling?” Have your child look for clues in the picture to help her answer the question.
  2. Read the rest of the book. As you read, use your finger to point to the words on each page. This will help your child learn that you read letters and words.
  3. After reading the book, tell your child that we all have feliz, triste, emocionada, and solo days.
  4. Tell your child about a time when you felt feliz. Ask your child to tell you a story about a time when he felt emocionada.

Next Steps/Follow-Up:

  • Ask your child to show you different emotions. Say: “Show me your happy face. Great! Now, show me a silly face.” Use other emotions, such as surprised or funny.
  • Let her know when you are feeling happy, excited, or frustrated. Talk about why you are feeling this way. She will see that these feelings are ok, and that everyone has them.

Background Information:

Support your child in the area of social & emotional development!

Social & emotional development involves:

  • Getting along with others.
  • Making and keeping friends.
  • Handling emotions.
  • Expressing oneself.
  • Following rules and routines.
  • Wanting to learn new things.
  • Starting and finishing an activity.
  • Taking responsibility for actions.


When your child starts school, she will be more likely to do well if she is able to do these things.


You can help your child’s social and emotional development, as well as his language and literacy skills, by doing these activities.

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