Taking Care of Others

Teach your child empathy and caring for others!

For this Activity you will need:

  • Baby doll
  • Baby bottle
  • Infant diaper
  • Blanket
  1. Begin by telling your child that you’d like to play a game with him.
  2. Place the baby doll, blanket, diaper and bottle in front of him, and tell him that he needs to take care of this baby.
  3. Pick up the baby and say, "Oh, your baby is crying. I think you need to change his diaper." Hand him the baby, and help him as he lays the baby down and puts the diaper on the baby. If your child does not know how to put a diaper on the baby, demonstrate by laying the diaper open on a flat surface and gently placing the baby on the open diaper. Carefully pull the diaper up between the baby’s legs and lay the top half across the baby’s tummy. Gently attach.
  4. Once he’s completed this task, tell him, "You’re doing a great job of taking care of this baby."
  5. Continue to play with him and his baby, asking questions, such as, "What is the baby’s name?" and "How old is the baby?"
  6. Next, tell him that the baby is hungry. Ask him to feed the baby. Show him how to carefully hold the baby and place the bottle in his mouth. Remind him to hold the baby gently but close.
  7. Once he’s finished, you may say, "Great job! Don’t forget to burp your baby." Show your child how to burp the baby by carefully placing the baby on your shoulder and gently patting his back. Ask your child if he’d like to try.
  8. Finally, tell him that you think the baby is cold, and ask him if he can wrap the baby in the blanket. Remind him to be very gentle, that babies are fragile. Praise him for doing such a good job and being so caring.

Next Steps/Follow-Up:
  • Ask him if he’d like to give the baby doll a bath. Let him take the baby doll in the tub, and wash the baby, just like you wash him.
  • When one of your child’s friends or relatives is sick, help him to make a get- well card for that person.
  • Get some bread, and take him with you to feed the birds.
  • Have him help you water the plants in your home. Explain that you need to take care of the plants by watering them, because plants need water to live.

Background Information:

Social & emotional development involves:

  • Getting along with others.
  • Making and keeping friends.
  • Handling emotions.
  • Expressing oneself.
  • Wanting to learn new things.
  • Starting and finishing an activity.
  • Taking responsibility for actions.

When your child starts school, she will be more likely to do well if she is able to do these things.

You can help your child’s social and emotional development by doing this activity with your child.

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