Parents Matter

A parent is a child's first teacher! No one matters more in a young child's life. Click on the links below to explore our Parents Matter series:  downloadable publications full of advice, tips, and information to help support parents in their role as their child's first teacher! 

Parent Tips

Ready At Five's Parent Tips series is designed especially for parents of young children. Parent Tips provide information for building a child's skills and abilities. Just a few minutes every day will help children be ready to succeed in school. Click on the links below to explore our Parent Tips selection:


Click here to view and download Parent Tips in Spanish.


Social Studies

Using Routines

Looking at the Past, Present, and Future

Learning About Time

Building Good Social Skills

Making Good Decisions

Following the Rules

Promoting Responsibility

Becoming A Good Citizen

Exploring Our Community

Learning About People

Learning About Me and My Family


The Arts

Using Props

Inspiring Play Through Stories

Playing Creatively

Experimenting with Music and Movement 

Dancing and Moving Creatively

Building Listening Skills

Exploring Sounds

Making Music

Talking About Art

Discovering Color, Pattern, Shape, & Texture

Getting Creative in the Visual Arts

Exploring the Arts


Physical Development

Keeping Your Child Healthy and Safe

Teaching Self-Help Skills

Nurturing Agility, Awareness, and Flexibility

Building Endurance and Strength

Promoting Eye-Hand Coordination

Moving With Balance and Control

Developing the Small Muscles

Building the Large Muscles

Get Moving!

Learning About the Body & How It Moves

Encouraging Healthy Eating

Helping Your Child Grow Strong & Healthy


Social Foundations

Help Your Child Learn Problem Solving Skills

Help Your Child Learn to Make Choices

Encouraging Independent Behavior

Play and Talk with Your Child

Understanding and Talking about Feelings

Help Your Child Learn Friendship Skills

Having Successful Play Dates

Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Establishing Routines

Help Your Child Make Smooth Transitions

Help Your Child Develop Personal and Social Responsibility

Developing Rules


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Scientific Thinking

Discovering Science

Asking Questions and Making Guesses

Using Our Senses

Practicing Science

Learning about People

Living Things

Everything Grows

Exploring Our Earth

Saving Our Environment

Wondering About Weather

Exploring Space

Everything Moves

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Mathematical Thinking

Involve Your Child in "Doing Mathematics"

Using Mathematical Words and Phrases

Learning about Numbers and Value

Learning how to Identify Shapes

Comparing or Contrasting: Are They the Same or Different?

Seeing Patterns

Learning to Sort

Children Can Classify

Fun with Sequencing: Putting Things in Order

Fun with Measuring

Introducing Mathematical Tools

Making Math Fun

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Healthy Development

Health Care for Your Child

Working with Your Child's Doctor

Keeping Your Child Healthy

Helping Your Child Grow

Getting Along

Healthy Eating

Getting Ready for School

Choosing Good Child Care

Healthy Habits for Your Child

Keeping Your Child Safe

A Safe Home for Your Child

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Language & Literacy Development

Help Your Child Learn to Listen

Talking with Your Child

Learning about Sounds: Rhyming and Singing

Learning about Books and Print

Learning New Words

Understanding Books and Stories

Learning about Letters and Words

Learning to Love Books

Expressing Ideas through Writing

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A Year's Worth of Ways to Help Your Child Learn

A Year's Worth of Ways to Help Your Child Learn

Help Your Child Learn to Listen

Help Your Child Learn to Talk

Help Your Child Learn to Read

Help Your Child Learn to Write

Help Your Child Understand Numbers

Help Your Child See Shapes and Patterns

Help Your Child Figure Things Out

Help Your Child Measure and Compare

Help Your Child Observe and Explore

Help Your Child Use Tools to Discover

Help Your Child Discover and Compare

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The Early Years Matter!

Your Child Learns First from You

Build Your Child's Brainpower

Know how Your Child Grows

Help Your Child to Grow Healthy and Strong

Help Your Child Get Along with Others

Support Your Child's Physical Changes

Help Your Child Learn to Communicate

Help Your Child Learn about People

Help Your Child Learn about Numbers and Patterns

Help Your Child Learn to Discover

Help Your Child Be Creative

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