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Ready At Five is dedicated to elevating school readiness for all Maryland children...



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83% of Maryland's kindergarteners are fully ready for school...


What is school readiness? Click here for FAQs about school readiness.



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The 2013-2014 School Readiness Report - Children Entering School Ready to Learn -- captured by Ready At Five in its Getting Ready publications distills, dissects and publishes the kindergarten assessment data in a variety of formats, illustrating that 83% of Maryland's kindergarten students entered school ready to be successful. Click here to view and download the Getting Ready publications.

It's been a big year for Ready At Five. The early childhood system in Maryland became more robust.  Learn more about our work in 2013!

Dance is a type of art that involves moving the body in new and different ways.  Encourage your child to dance and express themselves creatively with our April ParentTip on Dancing and Moving Creatively! The April PPOD developmental tip of the month is about Learning Body Parts.  Most 18-month olds can point to four body parts.  By the time they are two years old, most can point to six body parts.  Click here for ways to help your child learn their body parts.


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“My child’s Head Start teacher at Overlook Elementary School gave parents the Parents Matter brochure and I wanted to thank you so much…I appreciate the information you have shared and all that went into preparing and getting that literature out to us!  Continued success to your organization!”