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Help Your Child Learn About Time With Our June ParentTip

Time is difficult for young children to understand, but when things are the same each and every day, children develop a general awareness of time.  Through daily living, children slowly learn that certain things, like the start of the school day, the dinner hour, or bedtime, happen at a specific time each day.  While young children cannot "tell time" or read clocks, exposure to these techniques give children the basic skills they need for later learning.  Make a schedule for your child so they know what to expect and when to expect it.  Use "time words" like soon, later, early, before, after, today, tomorrow, etc.  Check out our June ParentTip on  Learning About Time for more ideas on how to help your child understand the concept of time.  Book Suggestion:  About Time:  A First Look At Time by Bruce Koscielniak

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"We were honored to be selected to participate in the VIOLETS program with full support of training, materials, assessor and coach.  The children love the program; their vocabularies are strengthened because of their involvement with VIOLETS.  There is absolutely no doubt that our program is stronger because of VIOLETS.  We look forward to implementing the program for years to come.  Kudos and thanks to Ready At Five, our coach Marie and our assessor."-Donna Long, Center Director, University of Maryland Eastern Shore Family Development Center

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ReadyAtFive Include the time or day of the week when talking with your child - say: “It’s 12 o’clock! Time for lunch.” LearningAboutTime ParentTip
Thursday, 11 June 2015 16:37
ReadyAtFive Time is a hard concept for young children but when they have a schedule it lets them know what to expect. JuneParentTip LearningAboutTime
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