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Help Your Child To Learn About Numbers and Patterns with our May ParentTip!

Your child has been learning math every day of her life. That’s because math involves things that we all do naturally each day: counting, seeing patterns, and solving problems. Mathematical thinking is one of the skills your child will need in order to be ready to start school. And many of the ordinary things you do with him every day, from infancy through preschool, will help to build these abilities.Sit down with a set of plastic measuring cups and spoons and a tub or pail of water. Let your child fill the cups and spoons with water and play with them as you talk about how they work. Ask questions: Which cup fills the tub the fastest? Why?  Please click here to see more of our ParentTip on helping your child to learn about numbers and patterns!

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united way rafReady At Five is dedicated to elevating school readiness for all Maryland children.

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"My students and I enjoyed the VIOLETS program. When I arranged the chairs in front of the easel they commented that it was like a movie theater. From that moment on, our VIOLETS time became known as Book Theater!" 

-Doris Ball of First Baptist Church of St. Charles

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